Qualitech Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. (QTEC) desires to build a mutual success among all concerns parties in all aspects of the products and services provided. Thus, the company is fully committed to our objective and value.

The spirit of partnership with our client shall be applied throughout the execution of the project. QTEC believes that it is essential to value our clients as ‘partners’ rather than ‘individuals’ throughout the entire project execution. Partnership with our clients mean:

  • Initiation of constructive contribution for mutual benefits
  • Minimization of any problems which may arise from conflicts of interests
  • Maximization of efficiency as a result of joint efforts among the management staffs

QTEC assures our clients that all personnel necessary to complete the assignment are the experts of their disciplines and shall be assigned. Competent personnel ensure that QTEC can deliver every steps of its obligation in accordance with the project design requirement with the highest quality and professionally.

QTEC understands the needs for our client to have their project complete punctually. Under all normal circumstances, QTEC undertakes to complete its assignment promptly. All obligations shall proceed in a timely manner in accordance with the approved project master schedule.

QTEC believes that learning never stops. All QTEC human resources shall always be encouraged to continuously improve their skills with the full support from the company. We trust that as our staffs advance, our business grows, and will mutually benefits the individuals, the company, and ultimately our clients.

All Qualitech personnel shall be motivated to follow the concept of Quality-in-Mind in addition to the application of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Program following ISO 9001:2015

Alertness and attention to Safety and the provision to ensure it shall always be maintained in all areas and activities of each project. QTEC promises all concerned parties, including our employees, that accident shall be minimized during the execution of the projects and thereafter.